Vision and Values

What you really need to know

We believe in an education which provides excellence for - and expects it from - everyone.

We know that this is best achieved in a school where:

  • the offer is broad, balanced, inclusive, enriching and effective in meeting the needs of all young people;

  • staff and students are supported and challenged to be the best versions of themselves;

  • relationships are positive, well established and healthy;

  • practice is based on evidence and underpinned by the notion that ‘we can always do better’.

We are clear that this supports the development of children and young people (and adults) who are: resilient, courteous, optimistic, hardworking, self-disciplined, enthusiastic and creative.

What we believe

The Trust has one overarching aim: excellence for and from everyone. This is an expectation for both the children and adults in a school community. It is achieved in a variety of ways according to the context of each school but within the clear framework established by the Trust.

Schools will develop a strategic plan that responds to the Trust’s central aim, values and operating system. A strategy that delivers: strong outcomes, above average progress, a great learning and working environment, a financially viable institution; and an outward facing philosophy.