Our Vision

Who We Are

What does it mean to join The Dunraven Educational Trust? As a colleague, governor, student, family - you need to be clear about what it means.

DET is made up of our schools and communities. We exist because of, and to serve, our schools.

The Trust Board is not the Trust: they protect our values and steer our direction. The Central Team is not the Trust: they provide expertise and support for our headteachers and staff teams. DET’s aims and aspirations are enshrined in and enabled by the work of our schools. Collectively, we are the Trust.


How We Work

The Central Team provides expert and dedicated support for leadership, education, Ofsted, finance, governance, HR, site/estates, IT and pensions. We lead networks across schools to provide advice and guidance, bringing colleagues together to discuss: safeguarding, SEND, Early Years, the curriculum. We support school to school reviews of key areas, identified by leaders. We provide professional development opportunities through initial teacher training, CPD events, QA reviews, school to school support work. We support local governing boards to develop their practice and provide challenge as critical friends knowing that we’re on the same side and want the same outcome: a brilliant school for our students and great conditions for staff.

We work very closely with headteachers to ensure that we understand what makes the school tick and where additional support might be required. The better the headteacher, the better the school. We are in school regularly so that we can hear from staff, students and the wider community directly and triangulate what we know about our schools.

If we do our jobs well, we’ll enable leaders and staff to do what they need to do better. The Trust’s values are aligned with the schools’ values: we work with partners who share our view of what education needs to be.


What does being part of our Trust mean for leaders and staff?

The bottom line is that someone who knows about and understands the challenges (and joys!) of leading a school has got your back: leaders, teachers, support staff, governors and trustees. Working in partnership towards a common aim: excellence for - and from - everyone.

Our Education Offer


Experienced education leaders who provide coaching and expert phase support

Leadership and subject networks operating across the Trust including safeguarding and SEND

Quality assurance including peer to peer reviews and preparation for Ofsted

Annual CPD programme for staff

Well established and successful initial teacher training offer


Our Professional Services


Full finance offer including audit and statutory reporting processes

In-house payroll and pensions service

Dedicated governance & Compliance support

HR support and guidance

Admissions support and guidance

Estate and facilities management incorporating site leadership/Health & Safety

Business development and support including risk management and revenue raising

ICT and data protection support

Website, communications and media support

Development of joint procurement and contracting of services 

Dedicated support for schools joining DET